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This blog is all about travel..for the NOMAD and the nester. Road-trips, day-trips, BIG trips…you will find them all…close to home and far far away. And for the armchair traveller there are travel book reviews, film reviews and lots of photography (so you can see what you’re missing!!). I am also keen to review travel products, beach and travel wear, travel experiences, tours, experiences, accommodation and anything else travel related that my readers may enjoy or be interested in.

Trekking in Ladakh

Some caveats:
♦ All products gifted will be noted as same as well as sponsored posts, paid reviews, or anything otherwise procured.

♦ I will only give reviews of products or experiences that I like. I don’t give bad reviews – if I don’t like the product or have had a bad experience I will not write about it on the blog.  They may have just been having bad day or what is great for someone else may just not be my thing. It’s subjective, it’s personal. And I’m not in the business of hurting anyone’s business. And if it really is that bad the market will dictate in the end anyway.

Travel quotes

Oh and all images used in this blog are by and copyright to me – Julie Small – unless otherwise stated. I am more than happy for images to be used but please ask and credit with a link back to my blog.

Please contact me via the form below for a full media kit or any other requests. Looking forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime….Safe Travels xxx

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