I live in the  seaside village of Thirroul about 60km south of Sydney, Australia.  Set between a cerulean ocean and a lush, green rainforest, my home is in a place that tourists come and people envy. They don’t understand why I would need to leave it. But I have always been a traveller. It’s in my blood and is as much a part of me as breathing.

I had my first taste of travelling when I was fourteen. While my friends left for the coast to camp away the school holidays my mother took me on my first overseas trip to visit my sister in Jakarta, who was there on a cultural student exchange. To this day I can feel the wall of humidity that hit me as I walked off the plane. I can still smell Jakarta – a heady mix of clove cigarettes,  incense, diesel and just a hint of sewage. The city was overwhelming with its the crazy traffic, swarming crowds,  towering skyscrapers, and putrid slums. I was alienated – and completely fascinated. It had a very powerful impact on my naive, fourteen year old mind. The fire was lit.

I am no novelty. We Australians are great travellers, mostly from necessity. It takes five hours to fly from east to west in our country.   Hop a plane from Sydney to Singapore and four hours later you are still above what we affectionately call the GAFA (the Great Australian F**k All).  Fly to Europe and it can take 24 hours to arrive. We are so far away from everywhere that when we travel we go for weeks, months, sometimes years.

At nineteen my father left Sydney on a ship, his head full of adventure. Six weeks later he arrived in London. Five years later he came home. My father had been a great traveller and consequently my childhood was full of his stories – climbing Egyptian pyramids, hunting Loch Ness monsters, hitch-hiking through Europe, and driving an old London taxi across the continent headed for the mediterranean. My wanderlust was inherited.

The last twenty five years I have visited many places in this world. There have been adventures and  misadventures.  I spent a summer bumming around the Greek Islands.  I’ve hiked along the Indo-Nepalese border to sleep in the shadow of Kangchenjunga, the third largest mountain in the world. I’ve trekked the Markah Valley in Ladakh looking for snow-leopards. I have spent time in the Australian outback photographing sand-dunes and exploring ancient indigenous art. I’ve ridden camels in the Sahara Desert and marvelled at the Jemma El Fna in Marrakech. I have dined in Paris.

I breathe, I travel. It is in my genes.

11 Random Facts About Me
I love photography
I have been known to eat peanut butter out of the jar
The beach is my sanctuary
I have been travelling since I was 14
And I still get anxious when going to new destinations
But my desire to go is stronger than the fear
I have been to Paris 7 times (soon to 8!)
I am obsessed with India and Greece
I have tried to learn french 4 times and can’t get past simple salutations and counting to 100
My favourite movie of all time is Summer Lovers and so began my obsession with Greece – sad but true
I have a gorgeous black burmese cat.


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  1. I came across your blog and you just got a new follower. I love anything travel related and seeing and reading about your adventures is something I’m looking forward to. Thanks for sharing this with us readers. I’m sure I will get inspired to visit new places. I haven’t visited too many places yet but I have some goals planned out within 5 years, including live in another country for 6 months while exploring the countries around it. Looking forward to reading your posts. 🙂

  2. I discovered your blog via Blog Society. We have traveled a bit during semester breaks & summers (we were teachers) and now that my husband is just finishing his last semester we plan to hit the road a lot more in the future. Britain, Costa Rica and France are on our immediate bucket list. I’ve pinned your Paris piece and look forward to reading about your future adventures.

    • Hi Cynthia – thanks for the message. Blog Society is a great group of very supportive people so I am very happy to meet you. I’m hoping to post some stories on Paris while I am there so stay tuned 🙂 Costa Rica is on my bucket list (along with 100 other places!) so would love to hear about your adventures when you go.

  3. I like reading about travel stories, and I’m so pleased to hear you have been to Greece. Where did you go? Will you go back? We live aboard our yacht in Greece and spend the summer floating round the Greek islands. We’ve visited over 40 so far!

    • Hey Georgie – yes Ive been to Greece a number times. The last time I spent 5 months bumming around the Greek Islands with my best friend. We went to Crete then all around the Cyclades (Folegandros is by far my favourite) then up to Lesvos vis Samos and Chios. We were then going to head to Turkey but while we were on Lesvos there was a massive earthquake in Turkey and all ferries were cancelled till further notice so we headed back to Athens via Milos and Sifnos. We had so many things go wrong but we both agree it was one of the best times in our lives.

      • Wow. I’ve been to all those places by yacht, apart from Folegandros. You don’t see so many true backpackers any more, it’s not as cheap as it used to be. I can’t say which is my favourite island, they are all wonderful, but I really liked Fourni and Lipsi. I also have a soft spot for Athens, love to explore there. Can’t wait to get back to the boat in Greece in 12 days time!

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