Winter Wonderland – #52PicsProject

Photographing a Winter Wonderland

“The magic rarely happens in our comfort zone, but outside it, on the ragged,
scary edge,where we have to fight like hell to keep from drowning in the unknown.”
David Du Chemin


There’s nothing like trekking through snow covered forests for getting out of your comfort zone. And photographing in snow showers? Challenging. But exciting at the same time.  Last weekend we took a trip down to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. The weather forecast predicted snow above 1200m. Winter had finally arrived. And we wanted to be there.

Equipped with hiking boots, gaters, trekking poles, gloves and Gortex jackets, we took off up a trail close by to the Selwyn ski-fields. Despite it being school holidays, there was not another soul in sight. We had the place to ourselves. And once we hit the trail the snow started falling. Our own winter wonderland.

winter wonderland

A beautiful solitary tree covered in ice – look for little vignettes around you

winter wonderland

The stark trees of the forests make for interesting photos, giving pattern and texture to your photos

winter wonderland

Look for pops of colour in this black and white world

winter wonderland

The colour of the homestead contrasts beautifully with the white blanket of snow

What: Photographing a snowy winter wonderland

Where: Kiandra, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales Snowy Mountains. For information on this park visit their website: Kosciuszko National Park

When: Winter – July 9, 2017

Why: Snowy landscapes are one of the most exciting things about winter

Camera: Canon 600D

Tip: Photographing in the snow has many challenges not the least of which is a wet lens which can translate to dark spots on your photos. Always use a filter to protect your lens and wipe it down when you need to / Getting the white balance right can be difficult and this is something I am still working on. Always learning / Shoot with different exposures. It’s difficult to tell out here what will be right. So take 3 or 4 shots at different exposure levels / Look for pops of colour, be it a structure or the clothes of your companion. Against this stark, black and white landscape, colour really draws the eye.

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  1. I’m not for the cold weather but the photos of this winter wonderland make me want to be there to experience it!

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