My Top 6 Travel Photographers To Follow

Earlier in the year I had the honour of being included in an article published by Photography Talk32 Travel Photographers You Need to Check Out. Being amongst such illustrious company was humbling. But I must admit I was a bit perplexed: Why would they include me? I’m not that good. That old voice in my head  telling me I’m not creative or artistic. But they did, so that must mean something. Regardless I’m always looking to learn and gain inspiration from other more experienced and more talented photographers.

To be honest I’m not all together sure ‘travel photography’ really belongs in its own genre – it incorporates all styles – landscape, street, portrait, architectural – only you do it while you’re travelling. So we call it travel photography. And it is something everyone can do whether you are in some exotic country or closer to home. All it takes is practice and a good eye. You can also benefit from looking at the work of other travel photographers – for inspiration and learning, not comparison. Comparison is the best way to kill your creativity. Take a look at my top six travel photographers, get some ideas and then go exploring for yourself – even if it is in your own neighbourhood.

trekking new zealand

Photographing Aoraki as it towers over the Hooker Glacier and Hooker Lake, New Zealand (Photo by Julie Small)

travel photographers

David du Chemin

My favourite travel photographer at the moment is Canadian David du Chemin. Primarily a humanitarian photographer, he is also a writer who is very skilled at both and very generous with his expertise.  In “Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision” David offers advice on some technical aspects of travel photography but more importantly advice on how to develop and nurture your photographic vision in order to produce better, more intimate photos that speak to and touch your audience. And it is generously sprinkled with his gorgeous photos. He also has a very thought provoking philosophical side to his photography. Have a look at his websites – there is sure to be something there to help you: /

travel photographers

Copyright: David du Chemin – this is one of the free wallpaper downloads he offers on his website

Eric Kim

I love Eric Kim. He has to be one of the most generous, open-hearted and honest photographers on the internet today. His blog is open-source meaning he is happy for anyone to share and use his work – photography tips, lessons, and even his photos. And with over 2000 blog posts there is a lot of useful stuff. He even gives away his presets for use in Lightroom. He is predominantly known as a street-photographer. This is a good example of how the edges blur in photography genres- he takes street photographs while he is travelling.  He is from the USA but is currently living in Hanoi. His style is gritty black and white as well as in your face colour. He has a huge number of free e-Books to download so take a look at his website: He runs workshops around the world as well – a great way to develop your photography skills while you’re travelling. (Just like I did in Delhi with a photo workshop).

travel photographers

Copyright: Eric Kim (Open Source via Flickr)

Ewen Bell

Ewen Bell is  another very generous photographer with many tips, lessons and philosophical meanderings on his blog: Photography For Travellers – all available for free. Based in Australia it seems he is rarely home if his Instagram account is anything to go by. One of his best articles that struck a chord with me is about how to be creative – part of what he calls Practical Philosophies. He is also a pretty deft hand at food photography and offers workshops in both travel and food. He has recently led a workshop in Sweden photographing auroras – his photos of which will make you want to don your furry hat and scarf and head right on on over.

Richard I’Anson

A year or so ago I attended a talk run by the Australian Himalayan Foundation given by travel photographer Richard I’Anson. To be honest I had never heard of him but he was talking about photography and travel in the Himalaya – three of my favourite things – so I went. And was so glad I did. Self-taught and self-effacing there was no grandstanding or self-promoting, just intriguing stories and good honest advice. Richard is one of Lonely Planet’s official travel photographers and contributes to many of their guide books. He is also the author of the ‘Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography’, a comprehensive guide that looks at what gear to use right up to how to make money from your photos. You can browse his website for tips and inspiration.

travel photographers

A great resource “Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography’ by Richard I’Anson

Joel Santos

This Portuguese photographer has won many photography awards, including the ‘2016 Travel Photographer of the Year’ and its not difficult to see why once you start browsing his website. His portfolio spans across the world from Scotland to Patagonia. He some stunning landscape shots but I think it’s his portraits that are the most intriguing and that there is the key to the best photography – intrigue. He also rune workshops and photography tours if you happen to be in his part of the world. Want to visit and photograph the rim of a active volcano – Joel’s your man. Follow him on Instagram for endless inspiration.

Louise Hawson

In her book ’52 Suburbs Around the World’ Louise Hawson takes us on a photographic journey to 52 suburbs in various cities around the world. She endeavours to show the little known and less touristed parts of these cities through her beautiful, colourful, and soulful street photography. Presented mostly in diptych, her photos transport you to another world both colourful and intriguing. Warning: this book will give you seriously itchy feet!  However, just to prove my point that you don’t have to travel far to take great photos, Louise’s first project was 52 Suburbs where she visited a different Sydney suburb every week for a year and wandered the streets taking photos.

travel photographers

Hawson’s gorgeous book: 52 Suburbs Around The World

Do you have any favourite travel photographers to add to this list?

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  1. Thank you so much for this list. I hadn’t heard of these photographers before but I think David duChemin is going to become one of my favourites. His writing is just as beautiful as his photos.

  2. Ahh I always love finding new photographers to gain inspiration from and to be able to see different perspectives! Really enjoyed this article, thank you!

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